Aralutiru/ Araluthiru (Mungaru Male) Lyrics Translation/ Meaning

Songs from "Mungaru Male" have not only enchanted kannada audiences but have gone on to win hearts across linguistic barriers. In fact, music knows no such barriers. On popular requests by blog visitors, another hit song from the movie that was immortalized by Shreya Ghoshal is here translated into English. So, listen to the songs as you read the meaning here.. Cheers!... Translation/ Explanation/ Meaning by Nithin Neelakanta & Vikas SS

Aralutiru jeevada geleya, snehada sinchanadalli
(Keep blooming oh friend for life, in the sprinkle of friendship)
baadadiru snehada hoove, premada bandhanadalli
(Don’t wither oh flower of friendship, in the bondage of romance)
manasalle irali bhaavane
(Let this feeling remain in your soul)
midiyutilrali mouna vene.. heege summane..
(Let the rhythm of Veena play on silently, Just like that, as it does now)

hakkiyu haadide tanna hesaranu helade
(The bird has sung, without telling its name)
sampige beeride kampanu yaarigu kelade
(The champak flowers have spread their fragrance, without asking anyone)
beesuva gaaliya hakkiya haadina nantige hesarina hangilla
(The billowing wind and the song of the bird don’t seem to name any kind of relationships)
namageke adara yochane
(So, why do we need to think about it)
beda geleya nantige hesaru yaake summane
(Oh friend, lets not call this a relationship, why at all?)

Araluthiru Jeevada Geleya...
(Keep blooming oh friend for life...)

maatige meerida bhaavada seletave sundara
(The strong pull of feelings, that exceeds words, is so beautiful)
nalumeyu tumbida manasige baaradu besara
(The soul that’s full with joy, will never face sorrow)
baala daariyali bere yaadaru chandira baruvanu namma jote
(Although separate in life paths, the moon comes along with us)
kaanuvenu avanalle ninnane
(and I shall see you through him)
irali gelaya ee anubandha, heege summane
(Let this bond continue oh friend, just like this)

Araluthiru Jeevada Geleya...
(Keep blooming oh friend for life...)