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Movie Review: Matrix Revolutions

The Matrix was undoubtedly the best one in the series. It was captivating with all the philosophical inputs. Reloaded created new questions. Revolutions promised to answer them. How well it did that is a big question.

Revolutions opens where Reloaded stops, with Neo in Coma along with Bane (whose mind is actually that of a copy of Smith). Neo's mind is held captive by the Trainman who is a follower of the Merovingian. Neo meets an Indian Family that gives him some fundas about "Karma" Neo sees no way that he can escape from the world of the Trainman, a world that is sandwitched between the Machine-world and the Matrix. Neo wonders how he is able to separate his mind and the body. Then he is told that the powers of the one Extend beyond the Matrix. Morpheus, Trinity and Seraph meet the Merovingian at the Hell Night Club where he is with his (beautiful) persephone. After a lot of kicking around and firing, they are able to Force the Merovingian to Release Neo's mind. He then meets the Oracle and learns that Smith is his Negative double. Smith is busy copying himlself throughout the matrix.

Bane too wakes up from his Coma and acts strange. He does not answer the Captian's questions. Later he kills the Doctor who was treating him. Neo and Tinity take Niobe's ship to the machine world. Niobe gives it coz of the faith she has in Neo as a person and not because he is the one or something. Meanwhile on the Ship, Bane/Smith blinds Neo and Neo can see only in Yellow/Red of what is his enemy in the machine world.

One one hand, Zion prepares itself for the attack. The gigantic Robots maket it look like a Gigantic Video-game rather than serious action. Niobe and Morpheus steer the other ship back home though crevices. Anyway, Niobe looks decent in the movie. Zion is penentrated by the machines that are digging and thousands of squiddies come out of those drilled holes into zion. The infantry does its best. So does Zee's team that destroys the Drilling machines.

Neo and Trinity on the surface of the Earth in the Machine City, face a lot of squiddies. But he destroys them with the power of the one. Neo and Trinity take a sharp surge into the sky, see the sun and then plunge back into the atmosphere (God knows how hovercrafs can fly in such altitudes).

Back at Zion, Niobe rushes back to the Dock at Zion after a heroic stunt by the kid on the Infantry Robot and trigger the EMP that kills all squiddies. That destroys a lot of Hardware at Zion which infuriates Commander Lock. Soon, they prepare for an another attack with swarms of squiddies coming in.

On the Surface, at the machine City, the hovercraft crashes, killing trinity. Later Neo meets the master of all machines that does not kill him because there is a purpose out of him. The program Smith that the machines had created in the Matrix had grown out of proportions and he was all set to destroy the matrix and achieve his verson of freedom. Only the One can confront him and the Machines promise peace on the condition that he Destroys Smith.

Neo is Plugged into the Matrix and the final Showdown between Neo and Smith begins. After a lot of flying and crashing, smashing and punching, Neo tricks Smith to saying "Everything that has a beginning has an End". Neo lets Smith copy himself into him and then destroys it; finally killing the Smith Program.

Later, the Matrix is rewritten with all people returning to their normal form. Machines leave zion peacefully. Neo is still in the Machine world and people in Zion and Matrix talk of him as if he was god. The closing credits start with the prayer "Asatoma Satgamaya..."

So, ends the Trilogy. Any further comments and discussions are welcome...
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