Movie Review: Chameli

Genre: Drama/Romance

Producer: Pritish Nandy Communications
Director: Sudhir Mishra
Starring: Rahul Bose, Kareena Kapoor
Music: Sandesh Shandilya
Lyrics: Irshad Kalim, Prof. R.N. Dubey


The movie begins with a busy suit-clad investment Banker Aman (Rahul Bose) returning from a party. It is a stormy night and On the way, his car (Tata Indigo) is down and doesnt budge. Unfortunately, his cellphone is down too. He takes shelter in a portico of a building where he encounters Chameli (Kareena Kapoor) a Prostitute who asks him whether he is interested. Aman is new to the other face of Mumbai. He is angered with her and says that he is there as his car was down and not due to any interest in picking-up.

As the night passes, he gets to know more about the life of Chameli, her troublesome pimp and her worry about the 'disease' ridden customer who has paid her pimp and is on the lookout for her. Amidst the action, a cop also visits them as Aman dislikes the way he behaves with Chameli. He retorts saying "is that the way you behave with women". Later the intervention of Chameli avoids further trouble.

When the villains' chase for chameli picks full steam, Aman and Chameli first hide in a roadside tent and then rush to a nearby bar where Aman learns that Chameli is due 25grand to a pimp. Aman offers to pay the money in order to free her. The three then go to an ATM (Standard Chartered) where he draws 30grand. The pimp Usman wonders how money comes out of a machine and demands that Aman take out more money. Aman tries to tell him that cards have limits. But Usman holds out a knife and threatens Aman. In a small fight, Usman crashes to the ground.

A worried Aman then calls his friend who knows a Senior police officer. By then, cops arrive at the scene and arrest Aman and Chameli and take them to the prison. After a lot of convincing and frustration, through the influence of his friend, a cop named KP Singh then helps him get over the mess. When during the hours of tension and frustration, Chameli tells him "Life's like that sir".

Free from trouble at last, Aman and Chameli sit beside the sea and talk over. She offers to repay the amount that he paid on behalf of Chameli. Chameli also tells him "Although you are not of that kind, the bottomline is that you have spent a night with a Prostitute. If your wife comes to know, you are gone". Aman then crashes as the flash-back of his wife's death in an accident come before him. It is daybreak and the two break off. A chemistry between them seems to be in action.

Later, Aman is back to his Investment Banking business. But now, in his personal life, there is a difference. He breaks the ice between the relations between him and his in-laws that had piled up after his wife's death. He remembers Chameli's words: "Life's like that sir". He then goes to the same place where he first met Chameli, all the incidents of that fateful night seem to move before his eyses in a flash. He seems to be in love with Chameli. We then see chemistry from her side too. With this the story ends.


Althought he story is fair, what is more important in the movie is the characterisation. Rahul Bose seems to repeat his role from 'Mumbai Matinee'; only this time he is richer and more sophisticated. In fact, it would be better to say that he has repeated his roles of both 'Mumbai Matinee' and 'Mr & Mr Iyer'. The common thread in all these three movies of his is that the conclusion is seen only in the last few frames of the movie.

Kareena has stolen the show with her stunning performance. From the bubbly character of poo in K3g, this role is far away from it and Kareena has put life into the character. There is a mention of Umrao Jaan and Chandramukhi (of devdas fame) in the movie. Probably one can say that Umrao Jaan, Chandramukhi and Chameli are the similar character shown in three different generations and settings.

The chemistry between the characters has been potrayed well. Although to some extent it may seem difficult to believe an investment banker falling in love with a Prostitute; well, thats the directorial licence to say "Life's like that". Well in one line, it is a movie worth watching.

Moral of the Story: Dont use a Tata Indigo in a stormy night. The story could happen to you (Just kidding).