Movie Review: Once Upon a time in Mexico


The movie begins with Sands (Johnny Depp) discussing about this guy El Mariachi (Antonio Banderas) and his wife Carolina (Salma Hayek). We are shown Mariachi shooting people with a modified guitar that has a gun embedded in it.

Sands is a CIA agent in Mexico to prevent a coup by Berillo and his cartel. Sands finds out that El Mariachi's wife and kid were murdered by Ex-Gen Marquez who is now assisting Berillo in his coup. So, Sands discusses it with Mariachi to engage him to avenge the death of his wife and child by convincing him to kill the Ex-General and to save the president from the cartels.

Amidst the action, there are scenes where Mariachi dreams about his lost love Carolina and his kid that makes his will stronger towards revenge. Salma Hayek is shown only in the dreams of Mariachi. She is beautiful (there is no denying that fact) but she is hardly shown for five minutes. In fact, she has no material role in the movie.
Sands gets captured and he is blinded by the cartel. But then, like in a Hindi movie, Sands doesn't give up. He uses sound to judge where his enemy is and shoots them in the bullseye. Hey folks, now you can stop blaming that Hindi movies show a lot of bakwas.

The fight then takes its full form on the 'Day of the dead' where the president is supposed to address his people and the cartels have planned an attack. Mariachi and his 2 guitar/gun sporting friends (one of them is Enrique Iglesias) dramatically save the president and kill the bad guys.


Lets get one thing straight, there is actually no story in the movie. It is all about shooting around the way one likes. In one of the scenes, Depp doesnt like the taste of pork in a hotel and shoots the cook rightaway. That is downright comical.

If you are going to this movie to see Salma Hayek, that would be the biggest mistake you would make. She is hardly in 5 minutes of the footage and that too in Banderas' dreams. You can call it a guest appearence and nothing more than that.

Depp with his long hair looks more like Micheal Jackson rather than a rough Shooter. Moreover his dialogues dont make much sense. The Director Rodrigues needs to understand that using too much of spanish and the four letter word doesnt make the story. This is too shabby a work expected from a director of the class of Rodrigues. Probably, he didnt get third time lucky with his Mexican Overdose (after his 2 movies El Mariachi and Desperado).

Lastly, if you have nothing else do and have lots of time to spare, better find a place where you can sit peacefully and eat groundnuts rather than spend 2 hours of your life on this movie. In case you are watching this movie after watching LOC, you would surely go bananas.