Movie Review: PLaN

Genre: Action/Fun


4 strangers are in a train to mumbai from Allahabad. They are carrying dreams with them as they tranvel to Mumbai. Bobby (Dino Morea) plans of becoming a superstar of the likes of Amitabh Bachan. He quits his house after a quarrel with his father. Omi (Rohit Roy) plans of recovering moeny from the man to whom his father had lent money and had become a bad debt. Jai (Bikram Saluja) runs away from his marriage to find his lost love Shalini (Riya Sen). Lucky (Sanjay Suri) is a luckly gambler who comes away from home after a disagreement with his father. They strike a conversation and soon become friends.

In mumbai, they initially stay at the house of a friend of Jai, Jaggu who is a pimp. After the discontent, they shift to another place, an unfinished building. They try their hands at different things. Bobby finds it difficult to convince his direcor who is involved with Sameera Reddy who is an aspirant in the field. Jai traces Shalini and realises that she is now a changed girl, no longer his love. Omi's fradulent ways are known when it is shown that he is acting in concert with his Debtor. Lucky gets lucky at small games of cards. A disappointed Jai makes love to Payal rohatgi and realises that she was a call girl and not someone who was attracted to him.

One day, they decide to make big money in Gambing. They all pool in money and play a big game. while they were winning initially, they decide to take stakes higher and due to the casino owner's foulplay, then end up debtors of Rs. 7 lakh. With nowhere else to get the money, they decide to kidnap a rich creep. They decide upon Musa (Sanjay Dutt) not knowing that he is an underworld don after seeing his spendthrift habits at a local bar where his love Priyaka Chopra is a dance-girl.

The 4 friends later realise their folly that they have in fact kidnapped a big don unknowingly. But on the other hand, the Don realises that there was a murder bid on him and the kidnapping actually had saved his life. The don then bails them out of the 7 lakh liability and the four help him to pin down his enemy Sultan (Mahesh Manjerekar). After a whole mixture of circumstances, the story ends in destroying the bad guys, Musa and his girl friend uniting and the four lads returning to their hometowns quitting their Mumbai dreams.


The story is absolutely weak with no substance. All we can see is that the boys understand the value of being at home and not exposing themselves to the dangers of their wild dreams. Dutt surely has performed well, but his Armani suits do not match with his profile of being a tough don. The four actors have done a fairly average job. The ladies in the movies didnt have much of role worth making a mention. The movie on the whole makes an average viewing.

Moral of the Story: Too many dreams are too bad.