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The Educated Voter

Another election comes to an end, the largest of its kind in the world, psephologists are busy making the hay while the sun shines. The manner in which the exit polls and the poll results are analysed by the so called professionals in this area and our great politicians is disgusting. Open talks about communal matters, and other issues that harp on the minds of the illiteate voters is nothing nobler than washing dirty linen in public. There is always some time spent on discussing about the "educated middle class voters". I thought of putting in some of my thoughts on the myth "educated voter" and his impact on the Indian Polity.

As far as the educated voters are concerned, most of them did not find their names in the electoral rolls. (My name didnt appear in Mysore's lists). I was speaking to some of my friends here who also said that their names dont appear in the lists of their respective constituencies. It is really unfortunate that a person who pays his taxes on income, water, roads and blah blah does not find his name in the rolls. But a slum dweller who never pays for any of these state obligations always has his name etched in the lists. Now, logically, whom will the politician give more weight to? Obviously his vote bank

In addition to this, I dispise the apathy of the educated middle-class who never bother to vote and make generalised comments such as "All politicians are the same". Agreed. But, why shouldn't you excercise your right as a citizen of the country should? Forward looking CMs like Krishna and Naidu did a lot for the IT and the ITES industries. How many of these people whose lives have changed (especially the hip-hop call center and other BPO guys), have really bothered to vote? Speaking in particular about Hyderabad, it is news in ET that Vanenburg has called quits to its Indian operations. The incumbent CM, YS Rajashekhar Reddy didnt even bother to look into the matter**. It is quoted in the press that he would look into matters of IT only after the farmers issues have been addressed. By then, I guess, Hyderabad could again become a village (It was nothing more than an overgrown village in the pre-naidu era). Obviously, the vote bank matters.

Most of the white collared workers would typically love to take the day of elections as a holiday and would love to spend the day watching the dumb idiot-box at home. And if the holiday came near a weekend, it would mean a small vacation. But, in the post election scenatio, it is this very lot that comments about the spate of their country and say that "there is no future for this country", "All politicians are the same" and the list goes on. I ask a simple question to the so called "educated voters": Of what value is all the education if you are not interested to excercise the right given by our constitution. I prefer to call them "the literate morons".

I also wanted to add some of my thoughts on the way that politicians handle religious sentiments. Considering the fact that we have been a united nation since half a century is a testimony to the fact that communal issues are relegated to the background. People have learnt ways to work it out and have learned that it is welfare that matters and not religion. It is the politicans who are unduly dividing the country by raising such issues that have lost relevance in the 21st century. A discussion on this could lead to a thousand more pages. Speaking of religion/caste issues in polls, people are dumb enough to believe that someone from their case/religion/ or someone making secular promises will do something extraordinary for them. It is this very foolishness of the indian voter that successive generations of politicians have successfully misused.

Hail our foolishness and apathy. Your comments please

** I checked up with people and found that the ET's report of this news item was wrong and Vanenburg is not quitting Hyderabad. They are only looking for a strategic partner.
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