Movie Review: Main Hoon Na

Genre: Action/Drama/????

Director: Farah Khan
Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Sushmita Sen, Zayed Khan, Amrita Rao, Boman Irani, Satish Kaushik, Bindu, Suneil Shetty and Nasiruddin Shah & Kabir Bedi in Guest Appearances
Music: Anu Malik


Major Ram Prasad Sharma (SRK) is a commando in the Army who is potrayed to be the most trusted officer of General Bakshi (Kabir Bedi). The General is busy planning a project called “Project Milaap” of freeing the Paki prisoners, predominantly paki civilians who had been languishing in Indian Jails since the 70’s. Though, it seems that the project is aimed at spreading goodwill, there are some forces that are against it. Raghavan, an ex-army Court martialled Major (Suneil Shetty) is all against lending a friendly hand towards pak and seems to go all the way to take the general’s life (or his daugter’s) to stop project Milaap. In a dramatic shootout, the Brigadier in charge of general’s protection (Shah) is killed by Raghavan.

The dying brig then tells a story to Ram about his lost wife and son (Ram’s step brother) Lakshman. He then takes a promise from Ram that his ashes be put into the river by both Ram & Lakshman (pure filmi style eh?). The general wants his trusted officer Ram to go undercover to Darjeeling to protect his daughter Sanjana (Amrita Rao). He warns Ram not to let her know that he is an army man and Sanjana had developed an aversion towards them coz the General hadn’t loved her enough for the simple reason that she wasn’t a male child. The Gen also tells him that his step brother Lakshman is also studying in the same college. So, Ram’s two-prong mission starts from here.

Enter serene Darjeeling, Sanjana is shown dancing wantonly “Chale Jaise Hawayen Sanan Sanan” and Lakshman aka Lucky (Zayed Khan) too shows up in the song. Lucky is actually the lost brother of Ram and a close buddy of Sanjana. It seems as if the entire Ramayana is in the movie. Ram enters the scene as a new student on the campus. He bumps into Lucky who soon terms him as ‘uncle’. In his mission to protect Sanjana, Ram tries to get closer to her but Sanjana shows aversion saying that Ram wasn’t “Special”. Later, Ram discovers that Lucky is his lost brother. Ram, in a commando style action, saves lucky in a brave act and gains Sanjana’s friendship. Then comes the title song “Kiska hai yeh tumko intezaar Main Hoon Na”

More of romance for Ram starts with Saree clad Chandini (Sushmita Sen) the new chemistry teacher. Soon, romantic chemistry starts between Ram and Chandini. Ram hears violins ans saxophones whenever Chandini is around. (Yeah yeah… you can even hear drums and flute if it is Sushmita Sen). Play song “Tumhe to maine dekha”. Soon Lucky too accepts Sanjana as his girl. The 2 pairs then sing “Tumse milke dilke jo haal”.

In comes Raghavan, as a physics teacher and then starts the action and drama. After a bright black and red prom night with the song “Gori Gori”, Raghavan plays a ploy on Ram. But Ram gives it back. After a long long action, the movie achieves a typical predictable end.


At the outset, Farah Khan needs to be congratulated on her debut. She has blended action, romance and sure kept some space for the larger-than-life roles of SRK. The closing credits of the movie are creative and really deserve applause.

Farah seems to have given more prominence to songs and dance which have been given their due. Anu Malik has surely done a good job (away from the routine). The title song makes quite a good ringtone (I recently downloaded that and it’s good).

Commenting on performances, SRK is as usual, repeating his style from K3G and KHNH. Zayed is a typical cool-guy, has come a long way from his first film. Amrita, I guess, looked better in her TV ads than the movies. Sushmita, hmmm… makes a great chemistry teacher.

There is a good round of Slapstick comedy from Boman Irani, Satish Kaushik and Bindu who play the roles of Principal with amnesia, the saliva spewing physics teacher and the Hindi teacher respectively.

As the sub-title of the film (“this summer will be cool”) goes, the summer in Mumbai isn’t in anyways cool but the film would surely keep SRK fans happy.