Movie Review: Passion of the Christ


The film draws its story from the life of Christ during the last few days before he was brutally crucified by the Romans. The film begins in the Garden of Olives where Jesus has gone to pray after the Last Supper. Betrayed by Judas, Jesus is arrested and taken to Jerusalem where the jews want to accuse Jesus of Blasphemy. Jewish leaders wanted to kill Jesus.

The Roman governor of Judea, Pointus Pilate tried Jesus and found no reason to punish the man and wanted to set him free. But the Jews wanted it otherwise. They wanted him to be crucified so that the interests of the Jewish priests are safe. And the rest is history.


Mel Gibson has made a brilliant potrayal of the final hours of Chirst before Crucifixtion. One will appreciate the movie irrespective of whether he is a christian or not. Most of the other films that were made on the life of Christ rarely contain the detail that Mel Gibson has highlighted in the movie. I should say that there is a heavy amount of bloodhshed in the movie. Remember that unlike other movies with bloodshed where there is blood of a lot of people involved, here, it is only that of the Christ. So, you can imagine the impact on the viewers.

Director's cameo includes the hand that hammers the nail during crucifixtion and the feet that Maia Morgenstern touches are actually those of Mel Gibson.

Jim Caviezel has done a good job in his role of Jesus. In the filming, it is reported that he has suffered 2 lashes of the whip accidentally, that have left real scars on his body. Gosh, that makes it even real for Jim Caviezel. Others include the roles of Mary played by Maia Morgenstern who has performed adequately and Monica Bellucci as Magdalene in a small role.

The music rendered by John Debney doesnt make much impact. However, a notable feature of the movie is the use of the acutal languages of the period viz., latin, hebrew, etc., As we dont understand these languages, we have to be content with the subtitles.

Warning: In case you are a person who hates violence and bloodshed, you may avoid watcing the movie on the big screen and may consider to watch it on VCD.