Movie Review: Hum Tum

Genre: Love

Director: Kunal Kohli
Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Rani Mukerji, Kiron Kher and Abhishek Bacchhan, Rishi Kapoor, Jimmy Shergill, Shehnaaz Treasurywala, Isha Koppikar in Guest/Special Apprearances.
Music: Jatin-Lalit


The movie begins at a press conference where Karan Kapoor (Saif) is releasing his book on his 2 cartoon characters Hum and Tum that depict the everlasting 'fight' between Man and Woman. He is asked questions as to what inspired him to write his book. Then starts the story to 9 years back in Delhi.

Karan and Rhea (Rani) meet in a flight on their way to US for their studies. They engage in a conversation on the flight and have fun during the stop-over at Amsterdam. In a mood of fun, the fun loving Karan kisses Rhea in public. Rhea is enraged with this and goes away warning that they would never meet. Circumstances bring them together in USA when Karan is with his girl friend Shehnaaz. Rhea spoils the show by spilling the beans of the Kiss at Amsterdam.

Three years later, Karan is back home in Delhi where he is with his mother assisting her in organising one of the marriages. He soon finds that it is the marriage of none other than that of Rhea with Abhishek Bacchhan. A year later they meet again at Paris by when, Rhea has lost her husband in an accident and now runs a botique in Paris where she wanted to be away from all her friends and relatives. Karan tries his best to put colour back in to her life but, chemistry starts building up between them.

After a few months, the story again shifts to India, to Mumbai where Karan tries to build a relationship between Rhea and the more disciplined (unlike Karan) Mihir (Jimmy Shergill). But again, circumstances play their part and Diana (Isha Koppikar) falls in love with Mihir and they get married to each other.

Time comes when the chemistry between Karan and Rhea had reached a high, but they fail to accept the love for each other. The pertinent question that is asked again and again is "Can a man and a woman be friends?" or that love always comes in between. As Karan is still at loss to accept his love for Rhea, she moves away from India.

Cut in to the scene of the press conference at present. Karan tells the media that he still hopes to find her and express his love for her. And, true to Hindi filmi style, it happens and the two meet a while later in a romantically rain-drenched meeting. And they happily lived everafter(??).


The story borrows a lot from the movie "when Harry Met Sally" (1989) where the same question is asked again and again "Can a man and a woman be friends?" of course with a little of the typical Bollywood masala. Such stories obviously are out of reality but are ought to be seen as 'entertainment for entertainment sake'.

Saif steals the show in the movie with a stunning performance that draws a little from the romantically ignorant playboy that he plays in Dil Chahta Hai. Rani has shown a lot of maturity while playing the role of the serious kind of girl in the latter part of the movie. Kiron Kher plays the role of Rhea's mother and has done justice to her role.

The best of the guest appearances is obviously that of Rishi Kapoor who sings the song "Main Shayar to Nahin" along with Saif. Well, the old timers never seem to lose their charm. Bacchhan junior is again back with his "I wonder what" kind of look that he has in all his other movies. Only thing is that he atleast cracks a joke with Saif in one of the scenes. About the others, i.e., Jimmy Shergill, Shehnaaz and Isha Koppikar, they are just around average.

The music is ok-ok type and does not have any dance numbers that you would want to have for your parties. However the title song, and 2 others may be worth listening once or twice. The dialogues for saif have been written well and moreover, saif has played his role well. The director, err.. never mind... nothing as great as getting an award. Although the film has a predictable story and typically shot in the locations abroad, no great music, etc, etc, you can be sure that Saif has done a good job and you can check out the movie for 'time-pass'.

Warning: Dont blame me if you dont like the movie.