Movie Review: Spiderman-2


Spidey is back in action as a crime-fighting super hero. But this time, he seems to be grappling with his situation, struggling to strike a balance between his life as Peter Parker and Spiderman.
Parker works as a deliveryboy for a pizza outlet where he is shown to be losing his job since he doesnt meet his time commitment for delivery. Ask not what he was doing meanwhile, since spidey's got work to do. He has a bad day at his college too where his prof doesnt seem to be impressed by parker's falling grades. His aunt May is in deep financial trouble with her house mortgages long overdue. Parker's crush MJ is getting closer to him and she treats him as her best friend.

Meanwhile, Norman Osborn's (Green Goblin in Spiderman-1) son Harry Osborn has taken over as the head of special projects at Oscorp, the position that Norman held before he died (err killed by spiderman). Harry is busy funding a project of Dr. Otto Octavius who is busy creating an alternate energy source through self-sustaining fusion. On his personal side, Harry is a close friend of Parker. But since Parker is known to be Spiderman's official photographer, Harry demands parker to deliver him spiderman so as to avenge his father's death.

Dr. Otto Octavius demonstrates an experiment of his self-sustaining fusion where he seems to have created an alternate sun for the city. To control this fusion, he creates 4 robotic arms attached to him which are controlled by AI. He has a chip embedded so that he can control the AI and not the other way round. But, fate it seemed had a different course, the experiment fails and the sun seems to suck all metals into itself. And then, it goes bust. The embedded chip is destroyed and Dr. Otto Octavius turns into the deadly Doc Ock.

MJ is now a stage actress and she invites parker to a play of hers. But since spidey is busy busting crime, he misses her shows. MJ seems to be disappointed by this and turns to date an astronaut whom she eventually plans to marry.
Parker is in a fix whether to live a life as spiderman or as the simple parker. In this confusion, he seems to lose his powers. He seems to have been left with a mutually exclusive choice. But his blind love for MJ makes him choose to live like Parker and he dumps his spiderman costume in a dustbin.

Concordantly, the city's crime rate shoots up. But, Parker is unfazed. He is back to his classes and finds time to attend MJ's plays. He then beckons to MJ that he really loves her. But, she says that it was too late and that she has been engaged to the astronaut and is about to marry him. Parker is again back in confusion. Dejected, he wants to choose to be spiderman again. But, his powers fail him again.

Meanwhile, Doc Ock afte robbing a bank has built up his apparatus to recreate the small sun again through fusion for which he needs an element called 'tridium' which only Obsborn can provide. Osborn is quick to make business. He is ready to give tridium in return of his father's killer, i.e., spiderman. Harry suggests that he approach parker since he is spiderman's friend and photographer. Doc Ock does that, kidnaps MJ and leaves parker blackmailed.

Parker finds his costume and again donns the role of the spiderman. He fights Doc Ock on the tower, then on the train in the most exciting action sequences of all. Doc Ock speeds up the train, pulls the lever and leaves it to spiderman to stop it. Spiderman does this; but, it leaves him tired. His mask is off and the people in the train see him. They anyway, promise that they wouldnt reveal it to anyone. The evil Doc Ock then takes away a tired spiderman to Harry and then gets his tridium.

Harry unmasks spiderman to only reveal that he is Peter Parker, his best friend. Spiderman, is back to action, tears away the blings and jumps away to save the world again. Meanwhile, Doc Ock has again ignited the fusion of the small sun and is busy with it. MJ is seen to be tied up in a corner. The superhero and the villain are seen fighting badly. In the end, Spiderman shows his face to Doc Ock and then appeals to him to regain control over the AI. Then, Doc Ock turns back into Dr. Otto Octavius and says that he will destroy his experimental sun and does that by dumping it into the river. Spiderman meanwhile saves MJ from a falling piece of metal. MJ sees that Spiderman is none other than her best friend Parker. She asks him whether he loved her. He responds in affirmative. But, he explains to her that spiderman will have a lot of enemies and he cannot be her love. Sadly, she goes away.

In the meantime, Harry Obsbon has started to have delusions of his father speaking to him from a mirror, asking him to avenge the latter's death and kill spiderman. Harry shatters the mirror only to find that it is a door to the place where his father left his legacy of the Green-Goblin. It seems that the plot for Spiderman-3 is ready.
The concluding scenes show the marriage of MJ with the astronaut. But, she changes her mind in the last moment and opts for Parker/spiderman. He again warns her that Spiderman has lots of enemies and she is risking it. But she says that she is willing to take that risk for her love. Thus, ends the movie with Parker achieving balance with his love and heroic life.

The performances remain more or less similar to the previous movies. Tobey Maguire has done his job well. The movie makers could have definitely found someone better to play the role of MJ. In fact, in Marve's comics, MJ is shown to be a voluptous model, a role which Kirsten Dunst fails to fit in to. She looks like a popularity seeking cheapster. James Franco as Harry Osborn and Alfred Molina as Doc Ock/Dr. Otto Octavius have done their roles well.

The most notable feature of the movie is the improved special effects that leave the viewer asking for more. The action sequence on the train is especially exhilerating. The cityscapes of Newyork seem more real than the previous movie.

Talking about the negatives, the movie has been turned into too much of a love story. The worst part of the movie however, is that his mask is off and he is seen by many. Since kids would be greater fans of Spiderman, I am not sure as to how well they would appreciate it.

Bottomline: Special effects + rona dhona like a hindi movie = Spiderman-2

Cast (from IMDB Site):

Tobey Maguire ....  Spider-Man/Peter Parker
Kirsten Dunst ....  Mary Jane Watson
James Franco ....  Harry Osborn
Alfred Molina ....  Doc Ock/Dr. Otto Octavius
Rosemary Harris ....  May Parker
J.K. Simmons ....  J. Jonah Jameson
Donna Murphy ....  Rosalie Octavius