Movie Review: Rok Sako to Rok Lo

Genre: School/Romance
Director: Arindam Choudhury


Note: The readers who have seen ‘Jo Jeeta wohi sikandar’ (1992) (JJWS) may skip the ‘storyline’ and directly proceed to the ‘comment’ section.

The movie beings in scenic place with two rival schools Bharti and Valley High. Bharti School is a school for the modest lot (but who apparently live in palatial houses by Mumbai’s standards). A group of friends led by the protagonist of the story Dev (Yash Pandit, a newcomer) and his dearest friends Suhana (Manjari Fadnis, another newcomer) Ganguli, Bhajji, Venki and Rati regularly freak together. Valley High on the other hand is the place for the spoilt brats Ranveer, Sanjana, Tango and Ziggy. A nearby coffee shop owned by Namrata Shirodkar is where the groups spend time regularly.

Both the schools have a predictable amount of rivalry in the Annual marathon (similar to the cycle race rivalry in JJWS). Valley is shown to be always interested in belittling the modest Bharti lot. Sanjana tries to play ‘girl friend’ with Dev and predictably, this causes envy to Suhana. But when Dev learns about Sanjana’s motives, he is disappointed.

Enter Phantom (Sunny Deol) on a Harley Davidson. He seems to be the man Friday for Bharti’s friends. He motivates Dev to go faster-higher-stronger towards winning the next year’s marathon. Phantom gets a new Lexus SUV and takes his young friends out for a drive, with Dev driving it. A freak accident of the SUV kills Phantom. Dev is left grief-stricken. With a mixed feeling of guilt for Phantom’s death and with a mind motivated by Phantom’s words, Dev takes part in the marathon and wins it in the filmy style.


If you have read the above summary of the story, I’m sure that you would have been disappointed. Watching the movie would disappoint you further. The story absolutely lacks originality and is almost the same as JJWS. Arindam Choudhury’s directorial skills are absolutely pathetic.

Performances are average, not due to the actors themselves, but due to the poor screenplay. Sunny Deol has no other role except showing off his Harley. Poor Namrata Shirodkar almost doesn’t have a single dialogue in the movie. The lead actor Yash needs to shape up (viewers compare his role with the legend Amir Khan in JJWS). Manjari seems promising. The music is poor and there is hardly a song that you would feel like humming. The dance moves were hopeless.

Bottomline: Highly Avoidable movie. (Rating:1/5)