Movie Review: Crash (E)

Plot Outline:

For two days in Los Angeles, a racially and economically diverse group of people come together in unexpected incidents. Characters include a black detective looking for his brother, two car thieves always discussing racism in society, a racist cop with a sick father and his idealistic partner, a black director and his wife, a Persian immigrant shopkeeper and a Hispanic locksmith.


Paul Haggis struck gold with Million Dollar Baby’s adapted script and has done it again with Crash. What’s better is that he’s directed it himself. Crash doesn’t actually narrate a story but takes a slice out of time in LA. The opening narrative about impersonal life in LA and the depiction of prejudices and preconceived notions of characters built on their own biased experiences form the foundation of the movie. The slow pace of enhances the intensity of the movie and helps audience get closer to the characters.

Crash has many good moments and good dialogues. Notable ones include the Locksmith’s little girl and the cloak, the second brush between Officer Ryan, a racist cop played by Matt Dillon and Thandie Newton. Lots of Good and Bad sides of people are depicted. What sets Crash apart is that it gives insights into how and why of the Good and Bad which is not a common occurrence in movies. Despite all the intensity, you wouldn’t want to hate any character in the movie. Crash is recommended for those who love intense movies. So, take some time out to catch up with a slice of time from LA.

Rating: 8/10 – In-your-face portrayal of LA life and racism that would churn emotions