Movie Review: Maine Pyar Kyon Kiya (H)

Genre: Romance

Plot Outline:

Samir (Salman), a doctor by profession and a flirt by hobby; is in love with Sonia (Katrina) but has unfortunately lied to her that he was already married. Trouble brews when Sonia airs her intensions to meet the alleged wife. Samir approaches his dutiful nurse Naina (Sushmita) to play ‘wife’ in a drama that turns out into a comedy of errors. Also involved are characters of Rajpal Yadav, Sohail Khan & Arshad Warsi.


David Dhavan returns again with his comedies and mixed relationships after his last Mujhse Shadi Karogi which was a poor copy-paste of Hollywood’s Anger Management. Although the story has nothing vis-à-vis the typical Bollywood, the execution is neat. However, I felt Kya Kool was a better comedy this year.

The movie’s negatives and positives emanate from the Actors themselves. Although Salman has done a good job trying to understand why he fell in love (after he probably fell in love during Maine Pyar Kiya in 1989), I found it difficult to see him play Doctor on screen. His brother, supposedly in a comical role is painfully irritating on screen. Other two noted comedians could’ve done better if their roles were scripted better. Katrina looks lovely, and Sushmita’s neat. Music: ‘Just chill’ makes a good ring tone.

Rating: 3/5 – Albeit its shortcomings, Laughter Guaranteed.