Movie Review: Paheli (H)

Genre: Romance/Folk

Plot Outline:

Lacchi (Rani) is married to Kishen (SRK), a money minded man who leaves his wife immediately after marriage, for the lure of a business proposition. In his absence, a ghost which is madly in love with Lacchi takes the form of her husband and enters her life. The story portrays the puzzle of true love vs. reality, which are put to test by a shepherd (AB) who conjures three tests to resolve the puzzle.


Notwithstanding the presence of Bollywood’s starriest stars, I had high hopes from Amol Palekar’s direction. At the end of the movie, I thought maybe I’d expected too much. Based on Vijaydan Detha’s ‘Duvidha’, the story was simplistic and the run-time stretched by at-least half hour. The Shepherd’s tests are rather too silly. Nevertheless, the locales and the color splashed all over made it a treat for the eye.

SRK ‘reloaded’ with youth is deeply involved in the character, thus reinforcing his capabilities as an ‘actor’ which he first displayed in ‘Swades’. Rani plays the darling of the story with ease. The rest of the cast perform neatly. If a role could’ve been avoided, Suneil Shetty should’ve been given the pink-slip. Songs ‘Kangna Re’ & ‘Dhire Jalna’ justify Kreem’s efforts; but music could’ve been better.

Rating: 2.5/5 – Watch out for ‘Top of the class’ Art Direction.