Movie Review: Syriana (E)

How many movies dare to show political reality? The last worthy political drama, err documentary was Micheal Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 in 2004 that dared to talk about GWB. How many film-makers actually dare to allow the download of the entire screenplay on its official website giving out the entire plot? Only someone truly gifted like Stephen Gaghan, the writer director of Syriana has proved himself yet again after he scripted the Academy Award Winner ‘Traffic’ in 2000 can do it.

Syriana is an intriguing political drama set in the Middle-East in a backdrop of a High-Profile merger of two US Oil companies Connex-Killen with substantial interests in Oil Exploration in the desert nations. The drama gets complicated with US Department of Justice initiating a Due Diligence into the contract, a succession struggle between two Arab princes, one forward looking and another a US Puppet and a veteran CIA operative looking for a meaning into what he has been doing all along.

Syriana had many layers into it, each carefully scripted to ultimate detail and reason. Each character has a reason that’s carefully interwoven to affect someone else’s life, most evident being that of the Paki youth who lose jobs due to the merger and their meeting with a cleric. Academy Award Winner George Clooney who put on 35 pounds for his unglamorous role did exceptional yet understated role. Syriana is not for those who like happy endings or fantastic surrealism, but recommended for those with a taste for realistic drama, a portrayal of World today which is all about Money & Power.

Rating: 9/10 – One of those rare movies which are downright realistic!