Movie Review: Welcome (Hindi)

Genre: Comedy

When you know that Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal are together, you know that you are in for a typical Masala comedy. Jaded Nana Patekar, Anil Kapoor and Feroz Khan join in the Melee. While what you might expect would be another Hera Pheri or a No-entry, this one falls flat even if you get into a movie hall with Nil Expectations.

Nana plays Uday Shetty, a don whose sister Sanjana (Katrina) falls for Rajiv (Akshay) whose uncle Dr Ghungroo (Rawal) wants him to be married to a family with no criminal record. In a comedy of errors, Rajiv falls in love with Sanjana and is now faced with the prospect of marrying someone from a crime based family or face mafia style death.

The film?s only selling point is Akshay Kumar who has been having a run with his comic Movies. With Katrina in it, this one looked like a mafia version of Namaste London, in a silly style. If Akshay continues with mediocre stuff like this, his luck may run out. Nana is past his sell by date. Anil Kapoor and Paresh Rawal are just around average.

Coming to comedy, the rare comic parts in the movie are when Nana, the don tries his hand at acting in a movie and is courted by Mallika Sherawat. Partly funny are scenes where Anil Kapoor turns painter and is courted by Sherawat again. The climax sequence involving almost all characters is too pointless to be even discussed.

Talking of its entertainment value, Welcome makes you regret for paying to watch this movie. You may even fall asleep during some clichéd scenes. As for the songs, most of them are way below average and are all thoroughly ill timed. Keep Out!

Rating: 3/10 ? Predictable and dragged to the limit of patience