Mumbai Marathon 2008

Mumbai Marathon again! This was the 5th time it was being held in Mumbai and the second time that I was participating in the event. Well of course, participation for the dream run only means going there for the fun of it and 6kms isnt really much to accomplish!
It was 30000 people in all for the Dream Run. Corporate participations wore their corporate colors and advertisements. Even Government organisations and local bodies were present with their own dresses and banners!
It would have been so nice if a similar thing was done in our oganisation too. I need to give this idea to decision makers so that we can have our own group next year with a hundred people carrying messages of investor protection and market development!
For non-runners and common public like me, I guess it is not running that makes the marathon but the spirit of participation that matters. Crowds of unrelated people stand along the path and cheer unknown participants. The spirit of Mumbai, I should say! Amazing!