Movie Review: Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa (Hindi) 60

Movie Review: Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa (Hindi) 60

Genre: Romance

Well, we now have a new Khan kid on the block. For Imran Khan who made a significant departure from the muscled and dancing boys making macho entries these days, this romantic flick seemed tailor made for him. This surely has an uncanny resemble to his Uncle Aamir’s strategy where he went around with the ‘chocolate hero’ image till he established himself in serious roles. But, was the movie really so worthwhile?

Jaane Tu is about complementary personalities Jai (Imran) and Aditi (Genelia) who share an inseparable bond which they believe is nothing more than friendship. Their group of friends Rotlu, Jignesh a.k.a. Jiggy, Sandhya a.k.a. Bombs and Shaleen know for sure that the lead duo are in love, so do Aditi’s parents and Jai’s mother. Bugged by constant prodding of others, the duo decides to look for an ideal partner each other.

With the college getting over, and the pappu dance song through, the friends seem to be having a nice time going places. At on such club, Jai saves Meghana (Manjari Phadnis) from being stalked and cupid strikes them. As Jai gets closer to Meghana, Aditi feels left out. As time passes, Aditi gets engaged to a family friend, a macho man she always wanted, who was unlike the mild mannered Jai who always opts to be non-violent.

With the passage of events, Aditi senses a mismatch with mean ways of Sushant and realizes that she actually loves Jai. Aditi’s weird artistic brother Amit (Prateek Babbar) too pitches for Jai. Unfortunately the realization comes late for Jai, only after realizing that Meghana’s sweet ways; her penchant for seeing the world goody-goody and her hyper-imaginative ‘what’s this?’ game is actually defense for her personal melodrama.

What follows next is typical Bollywood drama. A simple story here gets adulterated by being set in a not so well scripted storytelling between friends at the Airport, a climax that downright brainless. The funny sequences involving three challenges of Rathods and Sohail-Arbaaz Khan stuff sucks. The short role of Naseeruddin Shah talking through a picture entertains though. Paresh Rawal, in his poorly scripted role is wasted.

If not for these bloopers that prevent this from becoming an all time memorable flick, it still scores points for being a cute, fresh film. While Imran is not just handsome but did a good job, lively Genelia is refreshing. Ratna Pathak Shah, of small screen fame did a good job as Jai’s mother. Rehman’s music is decent, but nothing new. To sum up, like uncle, like nephew, this is Imran’s ‘papa-kehte-hain’ style entry. Way to go Imran!

Rating: 6/10 – Sweet; despite amateur direction, Jaane tu is still fresh and likeable!