Movie Review: Rock On (Hindi) 63

Genre: Musical / Drama

The name Farhan Akhtar itself raises expectations. If Dil Chahta Hai was an amazing debut, Lakshya was well made. The rehashed Don, ah um, let’s leave that aside! This time, he’s dropped the megaphone for make up for the meatiest role in the film that is centered on four friends and a Rock Music Theme. The message in the promos and the music video was loud and clear; if not anything else, good Hindi Rock is on offer!

Four friends Aditya (Farhan), Joe (Arjun Rampal), Rob (Luke Kenny) and KD (Purab Kohli) are a hit amateur band ‘Magik’, capable of dishing out lyrics from something as mundane as Joe dropping a glass. Here, to all those who blame Javed Akhtar for penning simplistic lyrics, well folks, this is meant to be an amateur band. Just on the verge of cutting their first music video egocentric circumstances lead to a split.

In a decade, life has taken its own course; Aditya is a successful Investment Banker with a plush house and a cute but bored wife Sakshi (Prachi Desai); Joe being a small time performer and his girlfriend turned nagging wife Debbie (Sahana Goswami) eking out a difficult living in the family fish business; Rob is a bored music assistant to Anu Malik and KD involved in his father’s jewellery business. But the four had something really missing!

A bored Sakshi while sifting through the attic, discovers that Aditya’s earlier avatar of a rock star, and plans a surprise coming together of his friends, to relive the band and to add a zing to her own life. Being centered on a Theme, the narrative has the benefit of flashing back and forth from the points of view of the protagonists. True, the story goes through its own predictable avenues, but it is surely endearing and music rocking!

As with usual Bollywood movies, Rock On is not without Masala. The revelation that one of the band members has brain tumor and craves for one last performance is probably the biggest filmy cliché. There are bits that could have been better, especially on the psychological undercurrents leading to breaking up of the band, Aditya dumping his girl. Their cobwebbed abandoned practice joint still having lights on is an apparent goof.

The film has many notable comic moments, courtesy a jovial Purab Kohli. The three other protagonists did well too. Farhan showed that he can not only direct and act well but also sing reasonably. Standouts though were Arjun Rampal acting for a change and Sahana Gosawmi playing a convincing nag. Prachi Desai is cute but falls short in acting. Notwithstanding anything else, you will love this movie for its cool rock numbers!

Rating: 7/10 – It is not usual that we get to watch a good musical on Hindi Rock!