Movie Review: Wanted (English) 64

Going by the promos, this was supposed to be a decent action movie, especially since it starred credible names like Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman. But, little did I expect ridiculous action stunts on bending bullets in a non-‘matrix’ environment! And then there is the hackneyed plot of treachery and deceit with an unsuspecting protagonist. Saving this movie is its high octane action that may also sometimes seem improbably comical.

Wesley (James McAvoy) is frustrated weakling who on one hand is beleaguered by his fat shrewish boss and on the other hand swallows his pride as his girlfriend is busy sleeping with his best friend. His life is all set to change when babe Fox (Jolie) takes him to Sloan (Freeman) head of a thousand year old secret society of expert assassins who take orders from names of victims that come up from a code of the loom in the fabric.

Just before he can go on assassination assignments, Wesley is put through conditioning that involves being beaten up, broken bones, getting stabbed and all injuries getting cured in a bath of liquid. Wow, if that were true, these spas could do better business than hospitals. Oh yes, and then there is a philosophy that they kill people because they can save the world from the damage that the victims could do if they were alive!

Be prepared with suspended logic for the action sequences. While car chases are neat, the graphics bringing you to the shot and the gun are well done. The idea of bending bullets is the most preposterous. Well, for a fact, glorifying assassins is never really a good idea either. On performances, Freeman is wasted, Angelina is too skinny. For all the stunts and hard work, it is still not worthwhile to be watched on the big screen!

Rating: 4/10 – Ridiculous stunts, Glorifies Assassins! Stunts salvage the movie!