Movie Review: Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (English) 71

This was one of those movies that I had seen way back during schooldays and had rolled on the floor with laughter. The histrionics of Jim Carrey who was at his peak with movies such as Mask, Dumb and Dumber among others are amazing and memorable. Fourteen years after its release, I still enjoy the movie with the enthusiasm as I did then. As the name of the movie goes, Ace Ventura is a pet detective and an animal lover.

Living in the house of a landlady who doesn’t really like pets, Ace has a way to hide them. The scene where he enters a seemingly peaceful house and invites all animals unto him is so neatly done and adorable. Ace gets down to serious business when he is hired to investigate a missing dolphin called Snowflake, a mascot of a local Miami Dolphins which is believed to have been kidnapped before the next Super Bowl match.

Ace finds a piece of stone from rings the 1984 champions wore and stars to find his target from a picture of that winning team. After exhausting the list, the lone one left is Ray Finkle who missed to hit the winning kick years ago and was later thrown out. Ace tells Lieutenant Einhorn that it has to be Finkle who kidnapped Snowflake because the dolphin got the former’s jersey number 5 which did not amuse to the former footballer.

While investigating Finkle’s past, his dog sits on the Finkle’s face with hair all over. Ace realizes that Einhorn is actually Finkle and that he kissed a man. The scene of Ace puking into a commode and brushing his mouth till his throat have inspired many comical scenes back in India too. And then, there is a final showdown in a dock warehouse where the good guy beats the bad guy. The funny moments are simply amazing!

Rating: 7/10 – One of the best by Jim Carrey; he is so naturally Comic!