Movie Review: Drona (Hindi) 77

Genre: Fantasy / Drama / Adventure / Action

After Bachchan senior had starred in Bollywood's biggest flop till date which undoubtedly is Ram Gopal verma's Aag, it's now Abhishek's turn to better him with Drona, a localized blend of Harry Potter, The Matrix and some silly special effects stolen from Hollywood! Probably, the Bachchan family didn’t want to be left behind after Hrithik delivered kiddies hit Krrish. Deservedly, the fantasy trip of Drona is an absolute apology of a film.

The story begins with a narrative of the origin of the vase of elixir that the gods left on earth under the safekeeping of a family of Royals who became ‘Drona’s. A morose Abhishek living, probably in Prague has a chance encounter with sorcerer Riz Raizada, a wasted Kay Kay Menon, leading to a chain of events leading him to India and Queen Jayati (Jaya Bachchan) with Priyanka Chopra playing his bodyguard Sonia.

While you ponder over the weird name of Riz Raizada for a villain or an overused name of Sonia for Chopra, the story drags through from Europe to Rajasthan. Songs appear out of nowhere destroying the flow of the narrative completely. A bored Jaya Bachchan breaks into lullabies as soon as she sees him. Yeah, we know she missed that chance in his infancy! The love track between Drona and Sonia seems rushed and lacks depth.

Abhishek wears a single expression and is morose as ever. Kay Kay Menon is made to look like a joker, replete with puppets and a funny hairdo last seen in Ace Ventura. And we are expected to be scared by him! All my sympathies to the lead lady Priyanka Chopra, who though looks as stunning as ever and has earnestly done justice to her role will be left licking her wounds after earning herself a fourth straight flop this year.

There is a lot here that has been picked up from Hollywood. The most obvious is the old man with a long white beard a la Gandalf of LOTR. And Sonia getting Aditya to realize that he is ‘Drona’ is distinctly reminds you of Trinity in the Matrix. The tiny tots in Razpur remind you of oompa loompas in Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Chase sequences picked from Hollywood are not bad, but the poor background score makes it seem silly.

To sum it up in Matrix Lingo, A bored Adi/Anderson is made to realize his nature by Sonia/Trinity just as he needs to battle with Raizada, an Asura and his men who are like agents. The Queen is wise and passive, more like the Oracle. The search of doors in Razpur is similar to what Neo does finding the door to the source among many backdoors. Maybe, we’ll get to see a Morpheus and an Architect in a sleepy Sequel.

Rating: 2/10 – Pathetic and Painful, An extra star for the effort on Stunts!