Movie Review: Gangster (Hindi) 74

Genre: Drama / Crime / Romance

If not for anything else, Bhatt camp movies promise good songs and a not too bad but copied script. Though I still can’t figure out what Emraan Hashmi actually has in him barring that that he is Bolywood’s serial kisser, his movies strangely seem to do well at the Box Office. Another draw factor for me to see this movie was, debutante Kangana Ranaut playing the psyched up role to the hilt. Yeah, I know the last bit sounds strange!

The film opens in Korea showing a lonely and lost alcoholic Simran (Kangana) finding solace in the company of Aakash (Emraan), a restaurant singer. What stars as sympathy ends up in romance. Aakash soon learns that a bar dancer earlier, she is the wife of the gangster Daya (Shiney Ahuja) who loves her immensely but is forced to stay on the run hence leaving Simran in loneliness. Soon she starts to bear Aakash’s baby.

Upon learning about her new relationship, Daya makes amends to his life, escaping to the countryside and living life of hard labor. In order to gain a new lease of life, Daya leaves to perform a one last job to earn fake passports for both of them. Beaten on the way back, he calls Simran and asks he meet her at Seol Station. But Simran who is now torn between Daya and Aakash, ditches her husband leading to his capture and death.

Though many may not agree with me, the movie owes a lot to Kangana’s role in it. Not that she has performed well, but rather her bland lost look and curled flowing hair gives her the natural look of a lost psycho. She perfectly fits the bill of the alcoholic in the beginning, to a lover and finally a depressive who kills Akash to avenge for Daya and kills herself in the end. She deservedly bagged the Filmfare best debutante award.

The lead men are usual. Emraan is the seductive kisser again. Does he do anything else at all? Shiney shines again in a role that makes you feel for the character who battles out so hard to make things right again. Songs are the jewel in the crown with hits like ‘Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai’, ‘Ya Ali’, ‘Lamha Lamha’ and ‘Bheegi Bheegi’; although some seem to be inspired from overseas hits. Nevertheless, it’s a movie that you wont regret watching!

Rating: 6/10 – Memorable Songs, decent performance, especially by Kangana!