Movie Review: Kidnap (Hindi) 78

Genre: Thriller / Crime

For all the criticism this movie got, probably you can appreciate this movie better if you watch it just after the torturous ‘Drona’, another release of the same date. Courtesy Sanjay Gadhvi of Dhoom fame, this time we get to see negative shades of Imran after his chocolate boy looks in Jaane Tu. For another first, Minissha Lamba has opted to play a ‘me too’ skimpy look this time after having played a benign decent girl for too long.

A Juvenile prisoner Kabir (Imran) turns into a kidnapper of Sonia (Lamba) who we are made to believe is just 17 with someone just marginally elder, vidya Malwade playing her mother. Well, there is little to wonder when her grandma is shown to sport jet black hair. One fateful day after an argument with her mother, Sonia wakes up in the Kidnapper’s apartment with Imran desperately trying to look menacing, which he doesn’t seem like!

Kabir’s target is not money, but to play mind-games with Sonia’s father Vikrant Raina, the world’s richest Indian but alone at the mercy of the Kidnapper now. To get to his daughter, he solves clues by housebreaks, jailbreaks and finally a murder. For a film maker of Dhoom standard, the action sequences are not worthy of a thriller. Adding to the melee is that the film slows down on pace completely after the interval break!

What do you say of this character of Kabir who is meant to be a kidnapper but cares for her with much more attention than her stern mother ever did. He does dishes, takes her to beaches; she is shown well groomed just after being kidnapped. Not just that, the protagonist also helps her father realize his folly and gets her parents get back together! Any girl in her place should enjoy all this and the fact that the kidnapper was handsome!

Most flawed here is the script! Imagine a scene where Dutt is shown traveling South Mumbai to Panvel in 20 minutes flat! Despite the blunders, Imran still shines in the lead. Still, if this were Imran's debut movie instead of Jaane Tu, his Bollywood career may have begun in the red. Sanjay Dutt is his usual self and Rahul Dev was convincing in his role. Songs are passable and the background music doesn’t help much either.

Rating: 5/10 – Barring the loose script and drag, it’s really not so bad at all!