Movie Review: Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! (Hindi) 82

Genre: Comedy

Coming from the makers of Khosla ka Ghosla, one would usually expect Oye Lucky to be equally comic, and something close to the hearts of a common man. OLLO rather portrays the career and modus operandi of real life thief Lucky Singh with a touch of humor. While you may not really approve what Lucky does throughout the movie, the methods and brazenness with which he does it are definitely comic and entertaining.

Abhay Deol plays Lucky Singh, the man behind many thefts in Delhi Suburbs; his loot ranging from expensive Mercs and electronic equipments to mundane household items like photo frames, vases, cutlery to even pet dogs! Doing it in style and hoodwinking the law nearly always, lucky makes friends sharing his loot and there are others who loot him too! To top it all, he enjoys reading his exploits being reported in the media.

To put it simply, OLLO is just a theatrical biography with no actual story. There have been movies like this before; the first one that comes to mind is ‘Catch me if you can’ which just had a tighter more rounded script, and had very big stars play it. To its credit, OLLO balances glitz and street side realism without ever going overboard. And, placing it in Delhi is such a relief from the usual beaten track of Mumbai-centric Bollywood stuff.

Abhay Deol and his mischievous smile stand as strengths of OLLO and manage to hold your attention. I tend to feel that this new kid on the block is significantly better than the other clich├ęd and muscled dudes from the Deol household. Patna girl Neetu Chandra plays the simple Sonal, Lucky’s love interest with just what the role needs. Her varied roles from an airhostess in one to a street side one in another is impressive.

Paresh Rawal has portrayed three different roles, as Lucky’s father, as a crime-lord Goga and Godfather to Lucky and a seemingly decent Vet Handa with ambitions of starting his own restaurant. Though the three are not related to one another, the seasoned actor makes his mark giving individuality to each of them. Among the others, Richa Chadha as Dolly and Archana Puran Singh as Handa’s wife do well too.

With humor built into seemingly mundane stuff, its digs on TV ‘sansani’ shows and the many ‘typicals’ it shows, this multiplex cinema flick is a worthy entertainer that never gets too serious or leaves you heavy. With no new big releases lined up this week and with the recent Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi not meeting the expectations of many, you can still try Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! It’s at least a movie that you will not regret watching.

Rating: 6/10 – Doesn’t make a point, but still a good comic pastime flick!