Movie Review: Raaz: The Mystery Continues (Hindi) 88

Genre: Horror/ Romance

This was supposed to be a very scary movie, or it was at least publicized to be one. Supposedly, four million rupees were spent on lead lady Kangana’s attire and another two to make her look pretty or scary as the scene called for, using visual effects. As with any flick of the horror genre, you keep waiting for something to spook you; but alas, the wait just doesn’t end. Have the Bhatt’s lost touch with horror after its better predecessor?

In a poorly scripted beginning, a temple priest is shown killing himself with an amazed American corporate fat-cat looks on. Cut to the city, Nandita (Kangana) is a model who has returned to the circuit after her break up saga. Yash (Adhyayan) runs a show called ‘Andhvishwas’ against superstitions gets back to her and the twine give into the promise of lasting romance. Just then, things start going berserk and Nandita gets possessed.

As a possessed Nandita freezes to her bones with fear and battles her fate, Prithvi (Emraan) an artist who has visions of Nandita’s fate comes up to her and forewarns her. The lady’s demeanor turns psychedelic as mysterious hands keep grabbing while her anti-superstition beau has a problem that it goes against his image. With no options left, she turns to Prithvi and the duo head towards ‘Kalindi’, the town where it all began.

Since it’s titled ‘Raaz’, let the rest of the story remain a mystery. Nevertheless, I still don’t recommend that you pay through your nose to watch this mess on the big screen. While the plot is not really bad, its weakest point is its narrative. Though the pace picks up towards the end, it’s grossly inadequate. Making it worse was its background score. The directors completely lacked the imagination of using silence to build spooky suspense.

Though the movie has no connection in story, locales or people with the earlier Raaz, the new one would rank lower. This time, Kangana steals the show with an impeccable performance as a troubled girl for the fifth time in six films. The modeling part in her character reminds you of Bandharkar’s Fashion. But her dialog delivery is awful as ever. At times I tend to think whether the girl is crazy in her real life too, just like her roles!

While Kanagana directly deserves one star of ten for herself, it’s a revelation that Emraan Hashmi can also Act! The sore point among performaces is Adhyayan Suman who looks completely lost. For the technical stuff, visual effects and cinematography are commendable; they were let down by the screenplay. To sum up, if you are keen on a scary movie, keep away from this one; else, just be content with the drama overdose!

Rating: 3/10 – Not Scary at all, Kangana does well & Emraan can act