Movie Review: Jennifer’s Body (English) 99

The name of the movie surely sounds seedy; but has nothing to do with overt skin shows and explicit adult content. Ah, but when you cast an actress of the order of Megan Fox, it does enough to set the screen on fire though the film is nothing spectacular. Here, it’s not about being unappreciative of thrillers but it’s always important to have a storyline that keeps up the suspense, the scenes flow well is dark enough to spook you out.

School hottie and cheerleader Jennifer played by Megan Fox, the sole USP of this movie and Needy being best friends. When the two visit a bar to listen to a new band called ‘low-shoulder’, a mysterious fire leads to events that change their lives. The band sacrifices Jen thinking her to be virgin that she is not, leading the devil to take over her body. The succubus now needs flesh to stay youthful and stars preying on the boys.

JB is supposed to be a film of the dark comedy and thriller genres. But amidst all the teen action, a female to female kiss and a succubus that looks ravishing, there is nothing remotely comical in the movie’s intensions. Usual thrillers scare you with a cocktail of a viewer’s hidden fears and everyday situations. But, JB is about seduction that ends with the boy turning into dinner. But, isn’t a succubus supposed to make love before it kills?

After thralling audiences in the Transformers series, Megan Fox was a wonderful choice to play someone who has an irresistible exterior with the extra attitude while the devil lurks within. The movie definitely belongs to her, upping its ratings. While Fox took all the stress of looking pretty throughout, Amanda Seyfried has done well as the nerdy Needy, the buddy who nurses a long pent up frustration against a domineering Jennifer.

Though JB is a thriller unworthy of an Oscar winning scriptwriter Diablo Cody, it’s not bad either. There are some genuinely scary scenes and special effects that make the experience worthwhile. Though not released in India as yet, check out the DVD! And, if you think that Megan Fox’s tryst with the supernatural ends with this, wait for the ‘Jonah Hex’ releasing Mid 2010 that has bounty hunters, voodoo and armies of the undead.

Rating 4/10: Just your average thriller with a demon babe!