Movie Review: Chance Pe Dance (2010/Hindi) 106

Chance Pe Dance is a hackneyed story based on ‘reality shows’, the 'happening' stuff these days. Following the moderately successful “Ishq Vishq” and box office failure “fida”, this is the third of Ken Ghosh – Shahid Kapoor combos. While its budget permitted it to hire stars, it sorely loses out on juvenile script and shabby execution.

The story is about Sameer, a Michael Jackson devotee and a starry eyed struggler who fights his budgets by toasting bread with an iron, and has a broken fridge for a cupboard. Then there are failed auditions and dodging the landlord for rent. He nearly lands up with a music video but is displaced by a star-son. In the process though, he gains the smiley Tina (Genelia) a choreographer as his friend.

While the movie is themed on Dance and occasionally demonstrates its stuff, lame songs and an underused Shahid make a dumb movie dumber. Impracticality continues and a director who just saw Sameer dance casts him 'hero' in his next flick. But wait, the movie has just started and how can it be so goody-goody already? Then, the predictable happens. His production knocks him off for a talent hunt instead.

Till now you just had fun and drama is due to kick-in. A now jobless and homeless Sameer now decides to live in his car. Wait, did I say 'car'? A guy juggling borderline poverty drives around his four wheels! The only silly reason for the car was that the script wanted to have its 'hero' living in a car! It doesn’t end here. He takes up a job teaching school kids to dance while using their bathrooms for ablutions.

Trying to reach out to teens, they had to show have some child drama like the kids wining the inter-school dance competition, all due to Shahid. Though clichéd, the scene where his pupils part with their lunchboxes to feed their hungry and penniless teacher is touching. These lows also give an opportunity to the lead couple to show some chemistry, with a little help from Tina’s brother played neatly by Zain Khan.

It attempts to include humor, but this Augean mess of a movie leaves you curse your choice of movie. As you endure its painful length and poor editing, you turn into a hapless victim of reality TV drama transferred to a larger screen. Substantiating the accusations of imitating King Khan, Shahid does a 'my mom’s dream’ speech that even touches his rigid father. No prizes for guessing the obvious ending.

So, is there anything at all that is worthwhile in this? Barring Genelia’s freshness and some teen stuff, there is nothing. The dances are boring; Shahid retains his Kaminay hairdo and six-pack abs are now passé. Shahid’s forte is about cute looks and dance moves, both of which are untapped fully. So, take my advice, save your time and money; forget that this movie ever released; applies to die hard Shahid fans too!

Rating 3/10: Juvenile! Grab your ‘chance’ to skip this ‘dance’