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SEBI Premier League 2010 Results


Finals - April 04, 2010 at 1200
Futures won by 9 Wickets over Swaps
Swaps scored 111/10 followed by Futures 115/1
Man of the Match: Nitin Singh (Futures) for 46 runs including 4 sixes off 33 balls & 2 wickets. Highest Sixes in a match.

Man of the Series: Sanchit Jain (Futures) for a total of 121 runs that includes 2 half centuries & 6 wickets in 3 matches. He is the highest wicket taker in SPL

3rd Place Match - April 04, 2010 at 0900
Options won by 26 Runs over Equity
Options scored 131/2 followed by Equity 105/3
Man of the Match: Sagar Bhavsar (Options) for his 78 from 35 balls, the highest individual score in a match in SPL and for taking 1 wicket

Overall Team Rankings
1. Futures - won the Finals
2. Swaps - lost the Finals
3. Options - won the 3rd place match
4. Equity - lost the 3rd place match
5. Bonds - higher of the last two on NRR
6. Index - lower of the last two on NRR

Highest Cumulative Run Scorers
Sagar Bhavsar (Options) - 133 runs from 3 matches
Sanchit Jain (Futures) - 121 from 3 matches
Nitin Singh (Futures) - 111 from 3 matches

Highest Cumulative Wicket Takers
Sanchit Jain (Futures) - 6 scalps in 3 matches
Prasenjit Dey (Options) - 5 from 3 matches
Manoj Kumar (Swaps) - 4 from 2 matches
Yogesh Evney (Futures) - 4 from 3 matches

Most Runs in a Match
Sagar Bhavsar (Options) - 78 off 35 balls against Equity
Peter Mardi (Swaps) - 50 off 27 balls against Equity
Sanchit Jain (Futures) - 50 off 32 balls against Index
Sanchit Jain (Futures) - 50 off 40 balls against Swaps

Most Wickets in a Match
Sanchit Jain (Futures) - 4 victims from Index
Prasenjit Dey (Options) - 4 victims from Index

Fastest 50 in match
Sagar Bhavsar (Options) - from 23 balls against Equity
Peter Mardi (Swaps) - from 27 balls against Equity
Sanchit Jain (Futures) - from 32 balls against Index
Sanchit Jain (Futures) - from 40 balls against Swaps

Most Sixes
Nitin Singh (Futures) - 5 from 3 matches
Sagar Bhavsar (Options) - 3 from 3 matches

Most Fours
Sagar Bhavsar (Options) - 21 from 3 matches
Sanchit Jain (Futures) - 19 from 3 matches

Group A Leaderboard
(1) Futures: 2 wins - 6 points
(2) Options: 1 win - 3 points
(3) Index: 0 wins - 0 points

Group B Leaderboard
(1) Swaps: 2 wins - 6 points
(2) Equity: 1 win - 3 points
(3) Bonds: 0 wins - 0 points

League Matches

1. Futures won by 70 Runs over Index
Futures scored 117/2 followed by Index 47/10
Man of the Match: Sanchit Jain (Futures) for his 50 off 32 balls & 4 wickets

2. Equity won by 70 Runs over Bonds
Equity scored 82/5 followed by Bonds 81/4
Man of the Match: Pankaj Bagheria (Equity) for 22 runs off 21 balls & 1 wicket

3. Futures won by 23 Runs over Options
Futures scored 121/5 followed by Options 98/4
Man of the Match: Nitin Singh (Futures) for 25 off 10 balls & 1 wicket

4. Swaps won by 2 Runs over Bonds
Swaps scored 73/2 followed by Bonds 71/6
Man of the Match: Peter Mardi (Swaps) for 31 runs off 21 balls

5. Options won by 7 Wickets over Index
Index scored 91/7 followed by Options 94/3
Man of the Match: Prasenjit Dey (Options) for 4 wickets

6. Swaps won by 8 Wickets over Equity
Equity scored 84/5 followed by Swaps 85/2
Man of the Match: Peter Mardi (Swaps) for 50 runs off 22 balls


Singles: Anita Tejraj (Swaps) won over Meetu Agarwal (Futures)

Doubles-1: Anita Tejraj & Harini Balaji (Swaps) won over Meetu Agarwal & Asha Shetty (Futures)

Doubles-2: Sarika Kataria & Shalini Shah (Futures) won over Surabhi Gupta & Preeti Pathak (Swaps)

(Detailed Scores Awaited)

Team Winners: Swaps
Team Runners-up: Futures


Singles: Sonia Khosa (Index) won over Anita Tejraj (Swaps)

Doubles: Sonia Khosa & Doel Ghorai (Index) won over Anita Tejraj & Chaitali Karate (Swaps)

(Detailed Scores Awaited)

Team Winners: Index
Team Runners-up: Swaps


Singles: Kavya Chand (Index) won over Surabhi Gupta (Swaps) Scores 12-7

Doubles: Surabhi Gupta & Peeti Pathak (Swaps) won over Medha Sonparote & Barnali Mukherjee (Index) Scores 12-4

Team Winners: Swaps with 5 points
Team Runners-up: Index with 3 points


Awards for Winners and Runners-up were given away by the Chairman and Member Abraham at 1520 hours on Sunday April 04, 2010. ED Vaidy thanked the officials of the MIG Club including the Umpires and the Scorer, the organizers and event coordinators.

Awards were distributed to the winners of the singles and doubles events in women's Badminton, Table Tennis & Carrom. Following them were the winners of 'Man of the Match' Award from each of the 8 matches. The ceremony culminated in the awards for the 'Man of the Series', teams standing Third, Second and the Champions!



My team 'Options' for being a great team; everyone at the event who encouraged our Amateur Commentary; my fellow Commentators Mukul Shukla who made things interesting with his chaste Hindi and Vishal Gupta for the first day; guest commentators Joydeep Naskar & Pradeep Ramakrishnan for their in-depth analysis; Scorer Sudheesh for patiently giving us updates with the details at regular intervals; the organizers Sanchit Jain & Aparna for pushing me to do the commentary & Pradeep Kumar who wanted me to click pictures too; Nila Hariharan for the nice Camera; Suryakumar for enthusiastically and painstakingly putting together all the statistics; Colonel Bhandari for bringing in the requisite discipline and most importantly, all the players of all teams who braved the Summer heat and made it interesting with lots of action!
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