SEBI Premier League 2010 - Most Valuable Player "MVP" Ranking

After the successful completion of the first ever SEBI Premier League during April 02-04, 2010, the Rank List for the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the year is now ready!

The points have been calculated after taking into account Batting scores, Wickets Taken, Strike Rate, Bowling Economy, Man of the Match Award, Captaincy for either a winning or a losing side, Wicket Keeping and selection in Playing XI have been accounted for.

While there were 108 players named by each of the 6 teams which is 18 per team, only 83 have been a part of the playing XI. Hence, only these players have been counted for this ranking. Also, those who were a part of the playing XI may have been ranked lower since they did not get an opportunity to bat or bowl owing to the situation of the game!

At the top two ranks of the table have beenbagged by players from the Futures team, Sanchit Jain with 312 Points; followed by Nitin Singh with 261. Following them is the Higest Run getter during the SPL, Sagar Bhavsar from the Options team with 234. Following them, Pankaj Bagheria, Joydeep Naskar and Pradeep Kumar complete the top 6 list!

In all, Only one player crossed the treshold of 300 and only a total of 3 crossed 200. Of the 83 that comprise this list, only 13 players crossed the magic number of 100. At a lower cut off of 50, there were 29 players who made it through.

Click on the image-link Below for the 'Big-picture'... Cheers!