Movie Review: Grand Masti (Hindi) 179

Looks like adult comedies are here to stay! ‘Grand Masti’ happens to be the successor to the 2004 comedy film ‘Masti’, although the only link between the two films is its three male leads. While the first film was more about clean entertainment and played on typical clichés of marriage jokes, ‘Grand Masti’ resorts to a host of adult jokes, mostly drawn from forwarded funnies for a plot.

The film starts off with college seniors Amar (Ritesh Deshmukh), Meet (Vivek Oberoi) and Prem (Aftab Shivdasani) briefing the newbies on the A-B-Cs of college life. Just when one of their batch-mates Hardik (Suresh Menon) tries to hit on a girl, their new principal Robert (Pradeep Rawat) publicly shames him.

Cut to six years later, our three heroes seem to be having marriage woes. While Meet’s wife Unnati (Karishma Tanna) doubles up as his ambitious boss at work, Amar is mostly ignored by his wife Mamta (Sonalee Kulkarni) who showers all her attention on their newborn. Prem on the other hand has to deal with Tulsi (Manjari Fadnis) who seems to be more devoted to her extended joint family at the cost of her husband. Note the names used for each of the wives are according to the roles they play!

Just while they are blaming their fate for their lives being stuck in a rut, they get a call from their old college (with a funny name when used as an acronym) about an alumni meet and week-long fun. But they are surprised to find that the college isn’t what it was back then. Under Principal Robert, it seems to have degraded into a Talibanized regime with over-conservatism and fear of punishment.

Things just seem to look brighter when the trio meets up with their old teacher Rose (Maryam Zakaria), Marlo (Kainaat Arora) and Mary (Bruna Abdullah) and the prospect of a fling with them. Again, note the names of the three girls and its link with a popular joke that goes around the internet. But, it’s all not easy as they have an obstacle to deal with – Principal Robert.

As such, ‘Grand Masti’ is a fun film, an amalgam of all the jokes usually forwarded on social media or on cell phones or funny internet videos. The only credit it can get is for putting them all together into a film, but none for any original creativity whatsoever. But then, for those people who have issues with adult humor, they better keep away from the film rather than criticize it for those jokes.

Among its three male leads, adult comedy specialist Ritesh Deshmukh does well, while the other two are already past their sell-by date. The film’s six glamour girls do a good job of being pretty and an average job at acting. After a while, you wouldn’t really care to remember who played what role! And, Pradeep Rawat, don’t you remember him from ‘Ghajini’? He plays the bad guy yet again!

Verdict: Going by the success of the genre of adult humor, looks like these jokes are here to stay. Indian moviegoers seem to be more accepting of it now, rather than living in denial as they had done for decades. But, since the film lacks originality and made from forwarded humor, you exactly know what to expect. So, those of you who enjoy movies like these don’t wait till it is aired on TV because it would obviously be censored. Finding some cheap tickets would help instead.

Rating 4/10: Rated down only because it lacks originality in its humor