Movie Review: Dhoom 3 (Hindi) 186

'Dhoom 3' should ideally be named 'Doom' as it is much unlike its predecessors. While the first 'Dhoom', 2004 set the standard as a film with bike stunts, the second film took the plot international in 2006 and reached new heights with Hrithik's villainous role and super-svelte Aishwarya Rai. The third edition takes the franchise downhill into the depths of boredom and seems like modeling portfolio of Aamir Khan.

For a wafer-thin plot that it has, here's the summary: Angered at the suicide by a circus owner (Jackie Shroff), his son Sahir (Aamir Khan) seeks revenge against the bank that mercilessly closed the circus. Since the thief scribbles 'tere aisi ki taisi' in Hindi after robbing banks, Chicago cops seek the help of Mumbai police to solve the crime.

And then enter ACP Jai Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan) and his funny side-kick Ali (Uday Chopra). It is worthwhile to note that the son of the angry-young-man still hasn't got a promotion in nine years since the first Dhoom film. The story then has a suspense (not revealed in the review) which isn't actually interesting and loads of action.

Aamir Khan's perfection lies exposed as nothing more than a publicity stunt and a sham. Throughout the film, he wears one of these two expressions: One, "I'm soooo serious", Two, "I'm soooo smart" with that trademark smug smile of his. If you only see the actor and not the character he plays, I'd surely brand that as bad acting. And if you gave the star a benefit of doubt, one can say, he was miscast for the role.

Bachchan Junior and Uday Chopra are nothing more than mere props in the film  As the popular internet humor goes, they're there, thanks to 'Yash Raj Rozgar Yojana'. Not only the boys, the leading lady Katrina Kaif hardly has any role, barring a gratuitous strip-tease in 'Kamli' to please Aamir so that he casts her in his 'Great Indian Circus'.

The only man who has any role in the film is Aamir Khan who is present in almost every frame of the film. In a way, it reminded me of some Kamal Haasan's films where the self-obsessed star who is not much unlike Aamir has to be present in every scene. There is a sheer overdose of Aamir Khan, bordering on narcissism.

Another major irritant in the film is the oft repeated lines, sometimes with a tune, 'Bande hai hum.. ' that is supposed to bring out some sentimental connection with the antagonist's past. The only effect that is has on the audience is that of annoyance. The songs are extremely disappointing and the film suddenly breaks into a song when it is not needed at all. And yes, Aamir's tap dance is outright stupid.

Okay! the circus was supposedly closed down by the bank and auctioned. But how is it that it is still there so that our star can visit the place and relive the pains of his childhood? And how does he take revenge? By stealing the bank? C'mon, just before the sub-prime crisis, he could have just made them lend some ninja loans and invest in toxic assets and they would have gone down the drain anyway. Touché!

Dhoom 3 also happens to be very lengthy and tiresome. In fact, everything in the film after the interval is a waste. To some of my friends who said they got up and left mid-way, they surely didn't miss much. There's hardly anything enjoyable in the dialogs either, and it just some pathetic piece of writing in a predominantly action film.

What salvages Dhoom 2 are some well done stunts, although each stunt is needlessly slowed down. Cars blowing up in chase sequences are a staple and there's the usual Hollywood style helicopter chase. The transformation of the bike into a boat is cool, although somewhat inspired. Stylish stunts and the special effects are the only saving grace and the only thing worth something in 'Doom', err 'Dhoom 3'.

Verdict: The movie's plot involves stealing. Yes, they steal your money with expensive tickets. I can only sympathize with those who may have paid 900 bucks per ticket at IMAX. What a rip off, seriously! If you still want to watch it, catch a morning show and cut your losses. You may just enjoy your popcorn more than the film.

Rating 4/10: Slick stunts but a boring overdose of Aamir Khan